Uwabson Business Enterprises Nigeria Ltd was founded in 1990 and for over 20 years it has been aiming to provide our customers with a better and more advanced life by our consumer electronics and home entertainment products of innovation, quality, and value.

The future is full of imagination and possibilities. At Uwabson Business Ent, We dream of a new digital life style which connects technology with culture and art.

Our vision is to offer a variety of consumer electronics with the most state-of art technology and design of unique artistic and cultural flavor.

We believe that the dialogue between technology and culture not only brings brand-new sensational experiences but also spiritual enjoyment and lifestyle as a resonance of different cultural communities to the products.

Our next step is to blend products with pro-environmental technology.

We believe that we have responsibilities to our environment and we are greatly pleased to take the responsibilities.

With these long-term goals in mind, we want to participate and offer what we can as part of the global community

Our products are famous for their high quality but competitive prices.

We specialize in a variety of products to offer a total solution to our customers: laptop sales, Android- based tablets, All in one Desktop sales, HDD enclosures, net books, karaoke players, portable TVS, and LED TVs. With the cutting-edge technology, we ensure our customers the greatest entertainment and enjoyment

Our Services

We provide sales support to  both Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services. We can make products based on your requirements and Specifications.

If you would like to take advantage of our Sales  strength to increase your product offerings, our skillful Marketing and sales team are standing by.

Your business orders are carefully handled through our head office in Abuja Nigeria. Deliveries can be arranged from our Location  to various destination of your choice in Nigeria.

We are committed to provide our end users the ultimate comfort and reliability of using Various products.

Your satisfaction to  products and service is what we cares most and your support to our growth and development is what we appreciate

This is the official website of Uwabson Business Enterprises Nigeria Limited. We deal in Desktop Computer Sales, hp ,Dell, Apple Mac book pro laptops and Consumers Electronics. We own one of the best Computer stores in Abuja Nigeria

Fast Delivery

We provide Fast, Precise and Reliable Delivery Services

Support 24/7

we offer 24/7 support! You are always welcome to call our offices during normal business hours.

Best Quality

Transparency is important in business and customer service is no different.